Welcome to Wovenful

As an entry point for my first blog at Wovenful, I have been asking myself a question. Given current markets, can weavers who create distinctive, inspired and detailed products sell them to a discerning public who value hand woven textiles? In this age of eCommerce, I ask you to consider: Why shop online for hand woven products?

Shoppers want more access to weaving artists and hand woven products:

Shoppers will seek out their local weaving artists, follow websites of their favorite weavers or look for popular annual sales in their region. Wovenful creates opportunity for greater exposure to more artists and an online gathering place for weaving artists to sell their work. As well, we post a blog, artist bios and their back stories. There are lengthy artist interviews with those who are focusing their artful work on historical and diverse connections to weaving, design or technical specializations, or emergent innovations.

Our catalog is growing! We often invite weaving artists from around the country who understand the needs of their communities, of practicing their art and of looking beyond. The desire of weaving artists to expand and investigate is an energy captured at Wovenful in the images and descriptions of our hand woven products. We offer artful, imaginative, and functional hand woven items with inspired colors and styles to those with a selective eye.

People want to see and feel hand woven cloth before they purchase:

Consumers purchase products online including clothing, artwork, bedding, home furniture, accessories, and more due to the ease and accessibility of shopping wherever you and your online device are foundThe simple answers are: Wovenful translates design, form, and function into textile arts that customers can feel good about; and… returns are easy to do.

Buyers want to experience value for their investment:

Buyers can expect a life-time of enjoyment from our most basic hand towels to the most intricately crafted jacket. From hand-me-downs to heirlooms, hand woven products contribute an on-going sense of beauty and continuity. Value is also experienced in the knowledge that unlike the throw-away world of textiles which end up in our landfills, hand woven products are environmentally sustainable.

Welcome to Wovenful!

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